FRACAS: noun
a noisy, disorderly disturbance or fight / riotous brawl / uproar.
Origin of fracas: 
1720-30 - French / Italian fracasso, derivative of fracassare to smash, equivalent to fra- ( Latin infrā: among) completely + cassare: to break


Initiated by three creatives, “Fracas” is a gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary crafts and conceptual design.

Based in the center of Brussel, this new space combines a workshop environment and an exhibition gallery where self-edited works of designers, modern makers, and contemporary craftsmen are exhibited.


Fracas is built upon two editorial lines.
On the one hand, with its semi-permanent collection, Fracas is a referential space for innovative works.
On the other hand, with the temporary curated exhibitions, the gallery becomes a place to start a dialogue about contemporary practices in crafts and design.


Conceptualized as a participatory structure for self-edited works of artists and designers, Fracas puts its designers in front of the public without taking any commission on their sales, ensuring the makers to receive a fair income, and the clients to pay the right price.